Paragon City Search & Rescue
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PCSAR Services

Global "911" Channel
Like any major metropolis, Paragon City is equipped with a 911 emergency service. This service is hosted and monitored by Paragon City Search and Rescue. If you are in need of a resurrection or teleportation, you may request it by typing /send 911 <your current character's name> requesting <your need> in <your current zone>. (Note: Before using this service, you must first type /chanjoin 911 to join the public channel if you are not already a member)

You may also find the need to call in help while engaging in PvP. You are encouraged to use the 911 to request assistance for such situations, as well. If we have any operators available, they will be dispatched to your zone to aid you in the fight. Please note that while you may request healing assistance for missions you cannot make it through or particularly tough zone fights, we are not a heal/buff-bot service. Be respectful of everyone's playtime and please do not attempt to take advantage of their resources or willingness to serve the community.

Please be mature and courteous while using the channel. Members of PCSAR will appear as blue names on the channel list. However, just because they show as being online does not mean they are necessarily playing with their PCSAR toon. If they are available, they will help. The channel is a service provided on a volunteer basis to help the community, but players are not obligated to leave their current teams, toons, or missions to comply with a request. The channel is also actively monitored by many non-PCSAR heroes who will often offer a helping hand, as well. Used properly, "911" is an invaluable tool not only for helping each other, but for bringing us closer as a community of fellow players.

Our local offices, which can be entered in most major zones, offer a Metro Service area to teleport you to any one of seven different zones directly. Those zones include: Perez Park, The Hollows, Crey's Folly, Striga Isle, Boomtown, Dark Astoria, and Fautline.

To use this service, utilize the global 911 channel and type /send 911 <your current character's name> requesting a ride on the PCSAR Metro. (Note: Before using this service, you must first type /chanjoin 911 to join the public channel if you are not already a member)

If a PCSAR operator is available, they will invite you to a team and allow you to enter our facilities to quickly zone to your required destination. This will alleviate travel time for both other heroes and PCSAR members, as we can help you to get to your zone without having to leave whichever one we are currently in. It's quick, easy, and a service we are proud and honored to be able to offer to our fellow heroes on Infinity.

To enter the base and use our Metro Service, you will need to own both CoH and CoV, as that is the only way to access SG headquarters. If you do not own CoV and need assistance reaching a zone, you may still ask for help over the 911 channel. If a PCSAR operator is available, they will travel to your zone and teleport you to the destination you are seeking.

Paragon City Search & Rescue
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