Paragon City Search & Rescue
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PCTRU Charter

Paragon City Tactical Response Unit
Paragon Cityís First Line of Defense

Who We Are
Paragon City Tactical Response Unit (PCTRU), like our sister super-group, Paragon City Search and Rescue (PCSAR), works under the authority of the Paragon City Public Service Commission. As dedicated servants of the city, we stress quality over quantity. PCTRU is made up of competent and dedicated superheroes whose purpose is to protect the innocents of Paragon City from the villainous hordes that are bent on corrupting this fair city.

Our Mission
To fight the evil forces that threaten the innocents of Paragon City.

How Do I Join?
If you are a hero dedicated to the protection of Paragon City, please send an in-game email to Neutron Shift. All recruitment requests in-game simply cannot be answered at once, so please be patient. You can also approach any PCTRU member and request that you be considered for the group.

Once you have done this, you will be invited to team with some of our members. This will allow us to get to know you, allow you to get to know us, and give us a chance to see you in action. Also, we request that you monitor the 911 channel since we try to help clean up any missed ambushes that we can. We encourage members to help in that way as much as possible. We do understand that it is difficult to do so when teamed with non-PCTRU members or on missions. We do not expect you to alienate team members or quit missions to do so, but we expect members who are available and of sufficient level to take out high-level missed ambushes whenever possible.

After members of the super-group have gotten to know you, you may receive an invitation to join the super-group. This can take days or weeks. We tend to grow slowly and will slow the recruitment process on occasion, just so we can get to know new recruits before adding more. Please be patient and do not pester super-group members for an invite. However, feel free to talk to super-group members socially or to ask questions. Rest assured, all viable recruits will be duly considered.

There are three levels of members in PCTRU:

» Commander

» Lieutenant

» Officer

Members join the super-group as Officers. Eventually, the Commander and the existing Lieutenants can promote Officers to Lieutenant. There is only one Commander.

Our requirements are simple:
  1. We require dedicated players who play their PCTRU character on a regular basis. If you are going to be unable to play your character for any length of time, please let the leadership know.

  2. We expect strict adherence to the EULA. This means no griefing fellow players. This means no kill stealing. This means no herding of villains to areas that are normally considered safe to lower-level heroes. For example, do not herd monsters to gates (such as the Atlas Park gate in Perez Park or the Hollows) or other areas that normally have a high concentration of heroes (such as Ghost Falcon or the Portal Corp courtyard in Peregrine Island). This list is by no means exhaustive. Any violation of the EULA or herding to populated areas will be dealt with swiftly.

  3. We expect members to eliminate missed ambushes whenever possible, with adequate consideration for teams and missions.

  4. All members will act in a respectful and courteous manner at all times when dealing with other heroes. A little good-natured fun within the group is accepted and encouraged, but remember: when dealing with other heroes, you are representing this super-group and the Paragon City Public Service Commission.

  5. If another hero needs a hand and you are available, you are expected to help them out whether itís help in a mission that needs multiple players to finish, or a mission that the hero or heroís team canít handle. Exemplar or sidekick yourself as necessary. If the team is performing very poorly, please try to stay with the team until the current mission is over before bowing out gracefully.

  6. PCTRU members are expected to provide advice to any who ask. Advice should be given in a courteous and helpful manner, never in a demeaning way.

  7. There are lots of ways to help out your fellow heroes, from the obvious choice of helping people out with tough missions, to helping people find badges. Its up to each of us to come up with ways to make this group shine.
Remember that PCTRU is here to protect the innocents of Paragon City. We are the strike force of the Paragon City Public Service Commission. Paragon City Search and Rescue may be the heroesí heroes, but we are Paragon Cityís first line of defense.

Paragon City Search & Rescue
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