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First Annual Heroes Choice Award Winner
“Favorite Supergroup on Infinity”

First Annual Heroes Choice Award Winner - Favorite Supergroup on Infinity

Official New Recruit's Manual

Who We Are
Quality is stressed over quantity. PCSAR is a small but highly regarded group of selfless Empathy Defenders & Controllers drawn from many origins, but with one common goal.

Our Mission
To make Paragon's streets safer for her heroes. To this end, we perform Heal/Rez patrols throughout the city and forego leveling, missions and XP altogether while on duty. We are not a "rez for charge" or "pay-for-port" service. Again, we do not charge for our services, period.

How Can I Join?
If you're a hero with Empathy powers who not only likes to help, but also does so with no strings attached, please send an in-game e-mail to one of our Envoys (listed in the "Structure" section below). All recruitment requests in-game simply cannot be answered at once, so please be patient.

Once you have done this, start patrolling high-traffic zones on a regular basis (such as The Hollows or Siren's Call). This will enable us to meet you, get to know you better and see you in action. It will also help you decide if you like patrolling, since active participation is expected of all members.

Once members of the super group have gotten to know you, you may receive an invitation to join. This can take days or weeks. We tend to grow slowly and will occasionally freeze the recruitment process in order to get better acquainted with our newest members. Please be patient and do not pester supergroup members for an invite. However, feel free to talk to supergroup members socially or to ask questions. Rest assured, all viable recruits will be duly considered.

When and Where Do We Patrol?
We perform patrols all around the clock and our coverage extends from Atlas Park to the furthest reaches of The Storm Palace. There are no mandatory meetings, itineraries or time constraints. Please bear in mind, however, this is our core mission -- it's the foundation for everything we do while on Super Group duty. As a member, you'll be expected to contribute regularly and maintain the level of participation you've established.

Group Activities
Members do schedule team nights together for missions, task forces, "squad" patrols, and other general merry-making as the opportunities arise. These teaming activites are by no means required, but you may be suprised at what a team of Empaths can accomplish. We typically bring along some friends or alternate characters, as well, so it's a good opportunity to get to know your SG mates outside of the patrol zones and have some fun together.

The five tiers within Paragon City Search and Rescue are as follows:

» Vanguard

» Avant-Garde

» Envoy

» Rescuer

» Patroller

The current leadership staff is as follows:

Vanguard: Psy-Kid
Avant-Garde: Rei Ki, Slick Zero
Envoys: Vonny Defender, Twilight Prince, Triage IV, Angel of Purity, Morgan LeFaye, Segrima, Banefull

Vanguard: Ma Mendenheal

As a new recruit you will be awarded the rank of Patroller. Promotions to Envoy are based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:

We've a de facto level requirement of 14. While we'd like to accept any hero with the ability to heal and a desire to contribute to the greater good, it cannot be stressed enough that due to the nature of our mission, a Travel Power is a neccessity. When a hero in need calls, time is of the essence.

You must be able to coordinate many tasks & requests simultaneously while possessing a certain composure. When heroes are falling and calling from every last corner of the city, it's not multi-tasking -- it's TRIAGE.  We do not camp by gates and teleport those in need of assistance; the goal is to hopefully find those in need before they fall.

Like any major metropolis, Paragon City is equipped with a 911 emergency service. Active monitoring of this channel while on patrol is encouraged.

You must conduct your patrols with professionalism, courtesy and in a manner befitting the spirit of PCSAR. Kill-stealing, griefing, herding mobs onto other groups, beaconing/AFK adavancement (a.k.a. "spamming Healing Aura to attain your healing badges" ), extortion or any other form of chicanery simply will not be tolerated. Any offending member will be dealt with swiftly and decisively.

We have an optional uniform. Any member who wishes to participate once they reach Level 20 will be provided with funds to cover the cost.

Do not team-up with anyone while on patrol. You will need to operate alone so that you may temporarily add or be added to the team of a hero in order to expedite their location, resurrection, teleportation, etc.

When resurrecting a fallen hero, use your best judgement regarding the locale, proximity of foes, etc., and proceed accordingly. Neutralize a nearby threat or teleport them to a safer location, if need be. The bottom line is, don't raise someone just to have them fall again!

If you're going to be away for a considerable amount of time, please let us know. The Public Service Commission, of which we're an official branch, has a tight budget and requires consistent levels of service in order to maintain funding from the city.

We assist any hero in need, regardless of name, level, appearance, archetype and supergroup affiliation.

Why Only Empaths?
We accept only Empaths for two reasons: First, because they suit our mission in the clearest fashion. Secondly, this approach serves to keep recruiting more manageable.

Paragon City Search & Rescue - We Put the 'Rez' in Perez Park

Paragon City Search & Rescue
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