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Post Sep 20th 2006, 2:24 am
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I may or may not be out of game for the next few days... being as...

well just go with me on this

The Box []
that is out side of my house
on the po|e

is well.. missing the bottom that holds all the Cables in
and they are kinda... and when i say kinda i mean ALL THE WAY hang out of it, and kinda disconnectiing...

the stupid guy from comcast was supose to be out Today while i was in class to fix the damn thing, but of course he wasnt, he calls my house 20 min before hes supose to be there, and says "sorry i cant make it, ill fit you in tomarrow"

soooo... well see... Im currently spending the night at a friends house, cuzz me with out internet isnt pretty... and well for the most part i cant stand TV, i go kinda stirr crazy.

So hopefully ill catch ya in tomarrow..... if not sooner...

Here to help with all your snarky needs!
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