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Member File: Psy-Kid

Biographical Information
Psy was born to over achieving parents. They pushed him hard in his studies as well as making him exercise in his limited spare time. While this gave him a sharp mind and a fit body, it left very little time for developing a social life, and he missed out on a lot of what most people take for granted in childhood and adolecense.

Psy graduated high-school at 16, missing out on the normal high school activities such as dating and just hanging with friends. Psy was accepted into Paragon University. But being so much younger then everyone else, he was shunned or was just not invited to social events. So Psy threw himself into his studies. He flew through his freshman and sophomore year in one semester. At the end of his second semester, he was cramming for his Bio-chem and anatomy finals, drinking Jolt Cola and popping No-Doz. His system began operating at a hyper accelerated pace and started to change. He accidently got a paper cut as he was going through notes at this hyper accelerated rate, wished the cut would heal, and a green glow eminated from him, healing the cut.

Psy had found that he could now heal himself and others at a rate that even the greatest doctors in the world couldn't match. He went to his parents and explained he now had a higher calling. Not wanting to miss out on college life, Psy is still in college, but taking courses at a normal rate, and in his spare time, is out there helping the heroes of Paragon City protect its upstanding citizens.

As a member of Paragon City Search and Rescue, Psy has increased his abilities and has become a staunch ally of all heroes in need. That, and he keeps on thinking he might eventually get a date. While his parents strongly support his activities, and Paragon City Search and Rescue in general, they do worry about Psy's safety as well as the influence that Vonny Defender may have on their impressionable teenager.

Paragon City Search & Rescue
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